About Syntheses

Syntheses us a MDxBlocks' solution. MDxBlocks is  one of the most experienced IT consulting firms on Enterprise Blockchain; helping hundreds of companies all over the world to access, strategize, execute, and maintain successful blockchain projects.

MDxBlocks is a pioneer in using enterprise blockchain as the core data repository in digitalization projects, positioning our clients years ahead of the competition.

Gartner calls blockchain a transformational technology, the highest level of disruption. The real-time, clean, high-volume, multi-company data blockchain provides takes technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to a level never before seen.

Besides the technologies mentioned above, MDxBlocks has extensive experience with integration to systems of record (e.g., ERP, CRM and SCM) and IoT device integration. We have been exploring the best uses for quantum computing in our lab.

Although our footprint is mostly in the Oil & Gas and Health Care industries, we recognize digitalization is present and pressing in all sectors and companies; therefore, our services may be applied in any vertical.

For more information on our Enterprise Blockchain services and additional solutions, please visit us at www.mdxblocks.com today or contact us using the form below.